Our company formed in 2014 and is a family run business. Our aim is to deliver a professional service with competitive rates. All our castles are checked both before and after hiring to ensure our customers receive the best standards. All our castles are independantly checked yearly and all hold a current safety certificate

Liabilty Insurance

We have full liability insurance cover for £5,000,000 and copies of the certificate can be supplied upon request.

Current Liability Insurance Certificate

Booking information

All bookings have an agreed start and end period which best suits the customer. Castles will arrive 30 minutes prior to the hire period, which will give our team time to unload and setup the castle(s).

Terms & Conditions

Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation letter/email from us.

By engaging BounceAway South East to provide bouncy castle hire, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions within this document.

These are the terms and conditions of hire of inflatable/s (including sumo suits and space hoppers) and equipment (Blowers, Leads, Safety mats, Stakes and sandbags). This refers to you “THE HIRER” and “BOUNCEAWAY SOUTH EAST LTD”. Please read carefully and sign at the bottom to signify that you acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions : -

  1. Castles can only be hired outside on grass or inside so that they can be secured correctly. We can not hire castles for erection on artificial turf.
  2. Please note that as the hirer you are NOT permitted to erect or move the inflatable/s or move the equipment. You may however, deflate the inflatable/s and lock it away when it is not being used.
  3. Bounceaway South East Ltd are the owner of the inflatable/s and equipment, and you the hirer will not withhold permission for Bounceaway South East Ltd to remove the inflatable/s and equipment at any time.
  4. Avoid having older and younger children on the inflatable/s at the same time.
  5. INFLATABLES ARE STRICTLY FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14. Unless you are using one of our larger inflatables (please see below chart)
  6. You the hirer are responsible for preventing the blower, cables and plugs from getting wet.
  7. You the hirer are responsible for not allowing children or adults with medical conditions which may put them at risk of injury ( e.g Brittle bone disease or temporary injuries) to use the inflatable/s.
  8. You the hirer are responsible for having the required first aid facilities on site.
  9. You the hirer are responsible for any injury, or damage occurring whilst the inflatable/s or equipment is on hire, and you are strongly recommended to take out Public Liability Insurance covering the use of the inflatable/s whilst on hire to you.
  10. You the hirer must ensure that ADULT SUPERVISION IS GIVEN AT ALL TIMES, while the inflatable/s are on hire
  11. You the hirer must ensure that the stakes or sandbags are left in place securing the inflatable at all times.
  12. You the hirer are responsible for the safe keeping of the inflatable/s and other equipment and YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THEFT, OR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED, to the inflatable/s or any other equipment left on hire. Inflatable/s or equipment left overnight should be kept secure from theft or damage. Charges will be made for stolen / lost or damaged inflatable/s or equipment.
  13. You the Hirer are responsible for keeping the inflatable/s and equipment clean, and is your responsibility for hire in wet weather should the equipment become muddy.
  14. You the hirer are responsible for ensuring that the collection of the inflatable/s and equipment is made only by an authorised Bounceaway South East employee, and has the copy of the rental contract.
  15. Bounceaway South East Ltd will not be held responsible or liable for any bad weather or other natural or manmade disaster running your day.
  16. A cleaning charge will be made if the inflatable/s or equipment is collected in a dirty condition.
  17. Rain covers are for light showers only, but may not keep the inflatable/s completely dry. It WILL NOT KEEP the inflatable/s dry in heavy rain; There is a charge of £25 if the rain cover is or has been removed whilst on hire.
  18. Sumo suit’s should only be worn by adults or teenagers big enough to wear them, helmets and neck braces MUST be worn at all times. And sumo should only occur on the mats provided.
  19. You the hirer are responsible for ensuring the following rules are upheld whilst on hire;
    1. Children / adults must remove shoes and any sharp or dangerous objects from there person, including spectacles before entering the inflatable.
    2. Children / adults must be prevented from climbing or hanging from the walls.
    3. With castles the user must not be taller than the outside wall when standing on the inflated bed.
    4. The front step MUST NOT be played on; it’s only for mounting and dismounting the inflatable.
    5. Food, drink and toys are STRCTLY FORBIDDEN on the inflatable.
    6. STRICTLY NO ACROBATICS or HORSEPLAY on the inflatable.
The sumo suits are only for a maximum of 2 people per game.
The safe number of children(up to 14 years old) / adults on an inflatable at any one time as follows;

Castle SizeMax HeightMax users
18 x 18None10
17 x 16None10
15 x 151.5m (5ft)7
11 x 161.3m (4.2ft)6
8 x 106 years5
Assault Course1.5m (5ft)7
Slide1.6m (5.2ft)3
Combo (castle with slide)1.5m (5ft)6
Soft play4 years14